IMA NO2 Sterilizer, 316L S/S, Model NO2 Sterilizer 3.5

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Cleveland, OH

Unused IMA Life Nitrogen Dioxide sterilizer, model NO2 Sterilizer 3.5, 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces, with (5) 916mm wide x 916mm deep usable shelves, 270mm shelf spacing, NO2 sterilant storage and dosing system, set up for SIP, Siemens controls with SIMATIC S7-1500 Siemens PLC controller, stoppering with 5 hp hydraulic power pack, (2) Edwards GXS160SF dry vacuum pumps, scrubber system with 5.5 kw blower, 200 cf vapor cooler, buffer tank, chamber certified by Amherst Stainless Fab, rated 7 psi and full vacuum at +200/-76 f, serial# 1535, national board# 1320, IMA Life serial# EFC001, project# SA35-00148, built 2019 and Unused new on shipping skids and crated.

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