Unused Bausch + Stroebel Aseptic Powder Filling Line

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Cleveland, OH

Unused Bausch + Stroebel (B+S) aseptic powder vial filling line includes:
- internal vial washer (model FAW1005) with water recycling station (model UST95)
- sterilizing/drying tunnel (model DHT2550)
- Rotary Transfer Table (model RTF700) between tunnel and filling equipment
- vial filler for powder (model KSF1025) with three customized powder filling stations and mirror image design
- capping machine and closing machine - models KSF1025) with mirror image design, camera systems for stopper gap detection and crimping of the vial
- common PLC for the filler and capping machines
- Franz Ziel isolator (components only, the isolation system is incomplete)
- conveyor system between closing/capping and the external washer (model NTS80100)
- external vial washer from Seidenader (model DAR 150-LR)

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