MECO Vapor Compression Still, Model PES750MSSH

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Cleveland, OH

Unused MECO Vapor Compression Still, PES750MSSH with 750 gallons per hour capacity (2,839 liters per hour). Designed and manufactured for the production of distilled water meeting the requirements for water for injection (WFI). Serial 10109.

Design and Construction:
i. Sanitary BPE design and construction of all process systems
ii. BPE SF2, 25µin (0.64µm) process contact surface finish
iii. Complete passivation of all process systems via citric acid
iv. Low chloride insulation with Thurmalox coating on stainless steel surfaces
v. 304 Stainless steel, mirror finish cladding on vessels
vi. Carbon steel, epoxy coated skid frame
vii. Single point power connection

Major Components:
i. Compressor - MECO Centurbo, GII centrifugal type
ii. Evaporator
iii. Decarbonator
iv. Feed Heater
v. Distillate cooler
vi. Blowdown Cooler
vii. Vent Filter
viii. Distllate Pump

Piping and Elastomers
i. 316L stainless steel, orbital welded process tubing
ii. FDA approved Class VI process contact elastomers
iii. Teflon encapsulated EDPM process tri-clamp gaskets.

Valves & Instruments
i. Hygenic, low-ferrite diaphragm type product valves
ii. Sanitary product instruments
iii. Hygenic, low-ferrite diaphragm type, multiport storage/waste divert valve.
iv. Manual isolation valves for utility piping

Panel - NEMA 4x with NEMA 12 fans Controls - Control Logix PLC and Powerflex VFDs
Analytics - smartANALYTICS Hardware

Documentation and limited OEM warranty included.

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