0.3 Sq Meter PSL Nutsche Filter Dryer, Hastelloy C22

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Cleveland, OH
Powder Systems Limited

Used 0.3 sq meter Power Systems LTD agitated nutsche filter dryer, Hastelloy C 22 product contact surfaces, 316L stainless steel non contact surfaces, approximately 270 liter capacity, rated 87 psi and full vacuum at 329 f, jacketed for 95 psi and full vacuum at 329 f, jacketed base rated 95 psi and full vacuum at 329 f, two wing cored agitator with mechanical seal with expandable bellows, approximately 300 mm stroke, manually operated side discharge into two glove isolator, removable bottom plate, onboard control panel with hydraulic pump on legs, certified Portobello Fabrications, serial# 2100, national board# 45, PSL project# C17388, built 2000.

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