Unused Steelco Pharma Washer, Model LC 80/2

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Steelco S.p.a

Unused Steelco pass-through, fully automatic cleaning and drying system for mobile tanks, stoppers trolley, vials tray trolley, and transport carts. Unit has two chambers and is built to be loaded from the "dirty" side and unloaded from the "clean" side. The system includes washing program and recipe selection (up to 20) with the ability to adjust temperature of individual phases, hot air drying temperature, time of phases, dosing volume of detergents, dosing volume of water and rinsing conductivity. The Steelco Pharma Washer includes principal functions for pre-rinse (once through or by recirculation); cleaning by recirculation; GMP rinsing (once through or by recirculation), drying and cooling. Cycle time: Usually about 120 minutes, including hot air drying. Depending on the type of load, the contamination present and the program selected, the cycle time may change in duration. Chemical consumption for phase (related to type of chemical, water, and process condition, cycle selected) is for example: 5000 ml (Calculated at 2%) with 250 liters of water. Chamber volume: LC 80/2 PH – 4240 liters.

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